Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair Ramp Sonoma Marin

Barriers to living come in many sizes. What one person can easily walk over, another finds it either difficult or impossible to maneuver. We at JONATHAN’S SON, INC. believe everyone should be able to live in a barrier free environment that allows one to freely move from one area of the home to another. Whether it be inside or outside the home, we can help find solutions for accessibility.

Ramp considerations:

  • It should be at a 1:12 slope
  • It should have a flat platform in front of the door
  • It should have flat 4 x 4 landing for each turn in the ramp
  • It should have a smooth transition at the end of the ramp with no more than 1/4" bump
  • It should be made with durable materials

Trips and falls are the leading cause of unintentional death among people age 65 and over (National Safety Council Report, 2005). Last year, there were over 1.8 million emergency room visits for fall injuries for people over age 65. It is estimated that there are over 13 million slip-trip-fall injuries in the United States each year (National Safety Council Report, 2005).The fastest growing population in the United States are people over the age of 65. That number is expected to double from 35.1 million to 75 million by 2025 (US Census Bureau). This population continues to live longer in their homes which often requires "barrier free" design modification.

There are many types of ramps available. Jonathan’s Son, Inc provides either custom or manufactured ramps for their clients. Contact us for a free home evaluation to help you determine what type of ramp will best suit your needs.