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Jonathan's Son, Inc provides Handcrafted Solutions to Your Accessibility and Mobility Needs.

We serve people of all ages and abilities — keeping families safe so they can enjoy life together.

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Get out and enjoy your life and your loved ones — we can help making getting in/out of your home easier.


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 - you want to keep your parents safe in their home as they age. Call Jonathan's Son, Inc. We can help.


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Jonathan's Son provides accessibility products and services to allow disabled people to stay safe in their homes. Our products include chair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and even residential elevators to aid and ease mobility. Our services include installation of accessibility products by our licensed general contractor.

We look forward to working with you one on one to help you discover, dream and live the possibilities.

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Aging In Place

The definition of "Aging in Place," is growing older without having to relocate from your home to a facility due to unresolved access issues in the home. As we grow older we don’t want to lose our independence and have to rely on someone else for our needs.

Who is Jonathan's Son?

Jonathan’s Son, Inc seeks to provide handcrafted solutions to your accessibility and mobility or aging in place needs. With over 30 years contracting experience, and expertise in carpentry, electrical, plumbing and mechanical fields, along with being a Certified Accessibility Technician, we are able to provide and integrate quality products to formulate these solutions in the Northern California area.

How We Can Help You

Overhead Lifts/Transfers

Often the biggest barrier to keeping loved ones at home, is the challenge of lifting and transferring them...

Platform Lifts

Spending time with your loved ones in the home you cherish is important. So when stairs become a barrier...

 Stair Lifts

Stairs can be problematic if an individual desires to age in their own home, or to be integrated with in...